Giraffe Light-Up Keychain with Sound Green


*Green giraffe light-up keychain has spring-loaded mechanism making it easy to change or install keys.
*Features single bright white LED light perfect for nighttime use in the dark, good for locating keyholes or for going through purse or backpack.
*Keychain makes a high-pitch screaming sound.
*Operates on coin-cell batteries that are not user-replaceable
*Measures 1″ long x 1.5″ wide by 2.5″ tall

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This plastic green giraffe keychian is perfect to use either to hold keys or to hang on a purse or backpack. Pressing the small button on the body of the giraffe operates both the LED light and the comical high-pitch screaming sound at the same time. This adorable and cute giraffe keychain is a good choice for party favors.


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