Why I Love Giraffes: The Beginning

My fascination with giraffes did not start off with the visit to the local zoo or nature park. It started with a childish giraffe rattle that I somehow fell in love with during my junior year of high school. This is literally an embarrassment, being an 16-year old who cherishes a baby toy.

green giraffe rattle front

This is the green giraffe rattle.

I chose this giraffe because green was my favorite color during that time. I loved all the little things I could fidget with, the ears, horns, tail, and tracing the giraffe spots. Did I mention that it rattles as well?

Look at the adorable face! This giraffe is smiling. I feel so cheesy saying that, but it was nice to see some intimate object happy no matter the mood.

green giraffe rattle face

This is the smiling face of the green giraffe rattle.

The simple colorful spots was also a nice addition. I know now that it does not resemble a real giraffe by any means, but it gave me something colorful to stare at.I just loved going over the circles. Seriously, I need to find something less childish to do.

This green giraffe rattle has pink, purple, and green spots.

But after falling in love with green giraffe rattle, I knew I needed to find a companion for it. I was able to then acquire its smaller sibling, also a green giraffe rattle.

green giraffe rattle set

This is the medium and small green giraffe rattles together.

It must be something about being a yound kid in a loving family. The idea of having the adults be the bigger stuffed animal, and the child being the tinier version.

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