My Eighteenth Birthday: Big Brown Giraffe Outside my Room

i remember waking up for my eighteenth birthday, and being terrified when i walked outside my room to eat breakfast and get ready for school.

I was not expecting to see a big giraffe outside my room. My parents were able to hide the stuffed animal well that I had no idea of its existence. It must have been one of the joys about having a retail store, the ability to hide gifts outside the house.

Sadly, this giraffe is not strong enough to be ridable. It has always just stood in the corner of my room somewhere, just staring at me. I sort of wish it had more function being that it was forty-inches tall, but it does not.

Why I Love Giraffes: The Beginning

My fascination with giraffes did not start off with the visit to the local zoo or nature park. It started with a childish giraffe rattle that I somehow fell in love with during my junior year of high school. This is literally an embarrassment, being an 16-year old who cherishes a baby toy.

green giraffe rattle front

This is the green giraffe rattle.

I chose this giraffe because green was my favorite color during that time. I loved all the little things I could fidget with, the ears, horns, tail, and tracing the giraffe spots. Did I mention that it rattles as well?

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