The $5 Kohl’s Giraffe

Every so often, Kohl’s would have some stuffed animal for $5 for a charitable cause, as part of the Kohl’s Cares program. It would typically be some stuffed animals, as well as the accompanying books. So sometimes, there would be a giraffe as part of some collection. Of course, I would buy one.

kohls giraffe

I’m still trying to find out what series this giraffe comes from, since it was purchased many years ago.

This was also the giraffe I bought to college. It met all the criteria for me: brown in color as to not appear childish, small enough to fit on the bed, and soft enough to sleep and cuddle with. But after four years of moving around at college and stuffed in moving boxes countless times, this poor giraffe has developed a broken or loose neck.

It is also quite hilarious that the broken neck is only on the left side. If I twist the neck to the right, it looks perfectly normal. Now, this much loved plushie has earned its reputation as being “special needs” since it cannot align its neck straight anymore.

But this giraffe has been one of my treasured possessions, traveling and accompanying me in college for those four years. It has been my way of expressing my love of giraffes to my roommates and friends who have come to visit and known me.

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