The $5 Kohl’s Giraffe

Every so often, Kohl’s would have some stuffed animal for $5 for a charitable cause, as part of the Kohl’s Cares program. It would typically be some stuffed animals, as well as the accompanying books. So sometimes, there would be a giraffe as part of some collection. Of course, I would buy one.

kohls giraffe

I’m still trying to find out what series this giraffe comes from, since it was purchased many years ago.

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The Build-a-Bear Giraffes

I remember walking at the local mall, and passing by the Build-a-Bear Workshop store. The sales associate was at the door holding a plush giraffe, priced at $25. That day, I was too lazy to get my hands dirty and buy it.

For the longest time, every time I passed by the mall, I would peer into the windows to see if it was still around. It was not, until I discovered that the company sold it online. Hooray.

Surprisingly, Build-a-Bear still seems to be selling some variation of the giraffe today.

Build a Bear Plush Giraffe

Even worse, I just discovered a multi-colored giraffe. Uh oh.